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Quality certificates

Our greatest guarantee is our years of experience and the quality certified by some of the most important international standards.

Gourmet Líder Villaconejos - Melones Villaconejos

Gourmet Líder Villaconejos

A delicatessen for those who appreciate good taste.

Lider Villaconejos Gold standard selection - Melones Villaconejos

Lider Villaconejos Gold standard selection

A benchmark in the market as a result of our passion and effort.

Villaconejos Gold - Melones Villaconejos

Villaconejos Gold

This is the result of our passion and effort for quality. Layers of satisfaction loved by our most demanding customers.
A dessert which shouldn’t be missing from your table!

Lider Villaconejos Watermelon - Melones Villaconejos

Lider Villaconejos Watermelon

A watermelon that won’t leave you indifferent.

Líder Villaconejos Silver Selection - Melones Villaconejos

Líder Villaconejos Silver Selection

All the taste and texture in our silver selection range.

Don Marcelo - Melones Villaconejos

Don Marcelo

Undoubtedly one of our brand with most personality.