Who are we?

The history behind S.A.T. Margui

We started in production around 1925, when our grandparents started carefully cultivating the Santa Claus melon. Over the years we have continually adapted to the newer techniques available in the cultivation and harvest of this melon as well as to the new varieties, tools and machinery.

Our values

To continue with the same ímpetus to maintain our legacy To carry on evolving this great project by applying the latest improvements and working techniques, as well as transmitting the same honesty and ethics to our workers as we apply to our business.
Today Sat Magui with its young team and its excellent track record is one of the top companies in the sector, taking the benchmark brand Lider Villaconejos to the best markets.
Quality products - Melones Villaconejos
Certified good
handling techniques
thereby guaranteeing
safe products.

Quality products

Advanced logistics - Melones Villaconejos
A vocation to serve
which responds
to our customers

Advanced logistics

Customer care - Melones Villaconejos
We offer
personalised attention
to all our

Customer care