Who are we?

Facilities: The heart of the company

In the last year, we have expanded our facilities and moved to the town of Valdemoro where we have more than 12 thousand square metres equipped with the most up to date machinery which allows us to improve our efficiency daily.


We have a highly productive system spread over four channels, where Lider Villaconjes melons and watermelons are sorted into categories by our master melon growers to then be distributed to the markets.
Using our experience of our team as a base and facilities equipped with state of the art machinery results in a top class melon.
Quality products - Melones Villaconejos
Certified good
handling techniques
thereby guaranteeing
safe products.

Quality products

Advanced logistics - Melones Villaconejos
A vocation to serve
which responds
to our customers

Advanced logistics

Customer care - Melones Villaconejos
We offer
personalised attention
to all our

Customer care