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National and International Products

The strongest points in our production chain are the knowledge, know-how and our experience in cultivating melons. For this reason MARQUI has expanded its horizons to Brazil where our technical agricultural team is sent to start the out of season campaign.

Our lands

During the national melon campaign, our agricultural team travels to areas such as Murcia, Castilla La Mancha and Villaconejos to manage the production and to harvest the perfect Santa Claus melon.
Our aim is to produce the most suitable and best-looking varieties of the highest quality to achieve a product that is both attractive and healthy.
Quality products - Melones Villaconejos
Certified good
handling techniques
thereby guaranteeing
safe products.

Quality products

Advanced logistics - Melones Villaconejos
A vocation to serve
which responds
to our customers

Advanced logistics

Customer care - Melones Villaconejos
We offer
personalised attention
to all our

Customer care

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